“What’s the excuse of Mr Rondinone and his brain-dead colleagues in going along with it?” The Nationalization of Childhood :: SteynOnline

Oh, my God! An 11-year old has been found alone! What’s America coming to? Apparently it never occurred to anybody at The Courant – not “reporter” Nicholas Rondinone nor any of his editors – that the real story here is not that an 11-year old has been “found alone” but that an 11-year old being alone is now a crime in Connecticut. Incidentally, when I was eleven, I traveled every morning from a small village to go to school in a big city: I walked on my own a mile or so to a rural halt, caught a train to the terminus in the city, walked across the downtown, and then caught a bus. Not a school bus, just a regular city bus. I enjoyed it all immensely.

That’s what’s discouraging. As stupid and disgraceful as the Bristol Police’s behavior is, they’re acting out of self-interest in expanding the role of the state and the power of the class of supervisory bureaucrats. What’s the excuse of Mr Rondinone and his brain-dead colleagues in going along with it?

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“minimum-wage laws are discriminatory against groups that already suffer from discrimination” How Minimum Wage Laws Promote Racial Discrimination

There is no question about the origin of minimum-wage legislation. It came from trade unions. Trade unions did not want to face competition from workers who were not members of a union. They wanted to make it illegal for businessman to take advantage of offers to work for less than what the trade union members were able to extract from employers, based on their monopolistic position in the industry. The federal government, through the Wagner Act of 1933, had made it illegal for businesses to offer low-wage jobs, if half of the employees, plus one, voted to unionize the business.

What was happening, union leaders understood, was that blacks were in a position to break the stranglehold of the unions in some industries, because they could go to employers and use their competitive edge: a willingness to work for less money per hour. The way to stop this, the union leaders understood, was to make it illegal for any employer to hire anyone at a wage below the mandated minimum wage. This would stop competition against trade unions.

From a political standpoint, it was incumbent on the trade unions to keep the voters, and also keep Congressmen, from recognizing that minimum-wage laws are discriminatory against groups that already suffer from discrimination. It was seen as politically incorrect in the late 1960’s to discriminate against blacks, but this was what minimum-wage laws did from the beginning. So, it was imperative that this line of reasoning be kept away from students in colleges and universities. This was why Williams’ argument was devastating. Students and teachers could not refute it. It made them feel guilty, because they were pushing for legislation that imposed additional burdens on members of racial minorities who were already suffering from discrimination. The laws took away the victims’ most effective tool for getting employed, and therefore getting an opportunity to prove their worth to their employers and also to coworkers.

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“Ideally, science is apolitical and amoral.” Another Blow to Academic Credibility – LewRockwell.com

Ideally, science is apolitical and amoral. The more it compromises those ideals, the greater the loss of credibility and integrity. Global warming deception succeeded because a few scientists and academic journals became political. The scientists participated for a variety of reasons including, funding, career opportunities, and political leanings. The journals were involved, because prestigious scientific publishers apparently chose sensationalism and political bias over balance and objectivity. The transition was gradual, so few realized what was going on.

Fortunately, there were a few people and publications with integrity, not least Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen and the journal Energy and Environment E and E. They published McIntyre and McKitrick’s analysis of the now infamous hockey stick thus incurring the wrath of the CRU gang, who were supported by most academic journals.

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