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Quoting Tim Blair:

A politically motivated killing is what Bishop did to Tony Abbott, whose replacement presented further weasel words. “The issue of radicalisation, particularly of young people, as young as 15 in this case, is a very, very complex one,” he declared. No, it isn’t. It is absurdly simple: a number of Muslims in Australia want to kill non-Muslims.

This only becomes complicated when you try to deny it.

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Obama v Putin — a New Realism? – The Commentator

As always, President Obama tiptoes around violent contradictions in today’s Islam. Indeed, his speech on Syria showed a confused mind on many things, while President Putin was sharper and more focused. Yet, strangely, it might all coalesce into a deal

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Europe’s Migrant Crisis Is Simply Muslim History vs. Western Fantasy | PJ Media

The world as understood by Islamic nations varies wildly from the Western nations’ understanding of the world. Whereas Muslims see the world through the lens of history, the West has jettisoned or rewritten history to suit its ideologies.This dichotomy of Muslim and Western thinking is evident everywhere. When the Islamic State declared that it will “conquer Rome” and “break its crosses,” few in the West realized that those are the verbatim words and goals of Islam’s founder and his companions as recorded in Muslim sources — words and goals that prompted over a thousand years of jihad on Europe.Most recently, the Islamic State released a map of the areas it plans on expanding into over the next five years. Not only are Mideast and Asian regions included, but the map includes European lands: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, parts of Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Crete, and Cyprus.The reason for this is simple. According to Islamic law, once a country has been conquered (or “opened,” as the euphemistic Arabic words it), it becomes Islamic in perpetuity.This, incidentally, is the real reason Muslims despise Israel. The motivation is not sympathy for the Palestinians — if it was, neighboring Arab nations would’ve absorbed them long ago, just as they would be absorbing all of today’s Muslim refugees. No, Israel is hated because the descendants of “apes and pigs” — according to the Koran — dare to rule land that was once “opened” by jihad and therefore must be returned to Islam. (Read more about Islam’s “How Dare You?” phenomenon to understand the source of Islamic rage.)All of the aforementioned European nations are seen as being currently “occupied” by Christian “infidels” and in need of “liberation.” This is why jihadi organizations refer to terrorist attacks on such countries as “defensive jihads.” One rarely hears about Islamic designs on European nations because they are large and blocked together, altogether distant from the Muslim world. Conversely, tiny Israel is in the heart of the Islamic world, hence it has received most of the jihadi attention: it was a more realistic conquest. But now that the “caliphate” has been reborn and is expanding before a paralytic West, dreams of reconquering portions of Europe — if not through jihad, then through migration — are becoming more plausible, perhaps more so than conquering Israel.Because of their historical experiences with Islam, some central and east European nations are aware of Muslim aspirations. Hungary’s prime minister even cited his nation’s unpleasant past under Islamic rule (in the guise of the Ottoman Empire) as a reason to disallow Muslim refugees from entering. But for more “enlightened” Western nations — that is, for idealistic nations that reject or rewrite history according to their subjective fantasies — Hungary’s reasoning is unjust, inhumane, and racist.To be sure, most of Europe has experience with Islamic depredations. As late as the 17th century, even Iceland was being invaded by Muslim slave traders. Roughly 800 years earlier, in 846, Rome was sacked and the Vatican defiled by Muslim raiders.Some of the Muslims migrating to Italy vow to do the same today, and Pope Francis acknowledges it — yet he still suggests that “you can take precautions, and put these people to work.”We’ve seen this sort of thinking before: the U.S. State Department cited a lack of “job opportunities” as reason for the existence of the Islamic State.Perhaps because the UK, Scandinavia, and North America were never conquered and occupied by the sword of Islam — unlike the southeast European nations that are rejecting Muslim refugees — they feel free to rewrite history according to their subjective ideals. Specifically, they stress that historic Christianity is bad and all other religions and people are good. Indeed, books and courses on the “sins” of Christian Europe from the Crusades to colonialism abound. (Most recently, a book traced the rise of Islamic supremacism in Egypt to the disciplining of a rude Muslim girl by a Christian nun.)This “new history” – which claims that Muslims are the historic “victims” of “intolerant” Western Christians — has metastasized everywhere, from high school to college and from Hollywood to the news media, institutions which are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from one another. When U.S. President Barack Obama condemned medieval Christians as a way to relativize Islamic State atrocities — or at best to claim that religion, any religion, is never the driving force of violence — he was merely being representative of the mainstream way history is taught in the West.Even good, authoritative books of history contribute to this distorted thinking. While such works may mention “Ottoman expansion” into Europe, the Islamic element is omitted. Turks are portrayed as just another competitive people, out to carve a niche for themselves in Europe with motivations no d

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Gun Control: If Journalists Were Being Murdered Instead of School Children – Breitbart

Settle down Media Matters. This is not some macabre exercise in wish-fulfillment. It’s a thought experiment — a what if. As I will demonstrate below, as an institution, the media is objectively evil. But I wish only happiness, good health and long life for every individual within that institution.

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Some Men Don’t Need a ‘Why’ :: SteynOnline

The media conventions are pretty much chiseled in concrete by now. If a guy guns down large numbers of people while shouting “Allahu akbar!” don’t worry, it’s a one-off, part of no broader pattern, just a “lone wolf” who succumbed to “workplace violence” #Major Hasan at Fort Hood# or worries about impending foreclosure #the Times Square bomber# or any of the other highly specific, individual, customized circumstances to which card-carrying members of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves are prone. But if a genuine “lone wolf” guns down large numbers of people without shouting “Allahu akbar!” the media herd stampedes to ask the obvious question:


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Climate activist: Flying to conferences lacks integrity | Watts Up With That?

I find Laurie’s quest for personal climate integrity refreshing. I don’t mind that she has a different view about the alleged risks of anthropogenic CO2. Integrity is a solid foundation, which will eventually lead her to climate skepticism.

Leading climate activists who spend their lives jetting to climate conferences, or who use enough energy to power a small town, to light and heat their houses, should be an utter laughing stock. The screaming hypocrisy of jetset climate activists should utterly invalidate their self righteous demands that the rest of us make sacrifices, to “save” the planet. But curiously this rarely happens – climate foot soldiers don’t often criticise the carbon profligacy of their heroes.

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This is one of the most repellent aspects of the Republican establishment: partisanship to no purpose. I banged the gong on Benghazi from the morning after, September 12th 2012, but certainly not for the shriveled reasons McCarthy suggests. Ambassador Stevens wasn’t my guy – he was a liberal Democrat – but even so, he didn’t deserve to die in an undefended outpost on the edge of the map, and then have Obama and Clinton lying over his coffin. The Benghazi committee is necessary to restore the integrity of government, not to raise Hillary’s unfavorables in Iowa and New Hampshire. In one remark, McCarthy declared himself as symbolizing the pointlessness of partisanship GOP-style: it exists not to achieve any conservative policy goals but to maintain him in office with a car and driver.

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