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The only problem was none of it was true. He’d never graduated from the University of Arizona, never played professional football, never been torpedoed off Murmansk, or indeed served in the military at all. And he’d never been vice-chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize nominating commission.

When it all came out, and the fulsome obituaries were replaced by the emptysome rewrites, they dug him up from Arlington in the dead of night and shipped him back to San Diego, to be buried near his merry widow’s country club.

How could such a thing happen? A serial liar had aced the State Department “background check”. Shouldn’t that be a bit more difficult to fake your way through? Well, as anonymous State officials tried to explain, they’d asked Lawrence’s eminent and respectable friends, and the eminent and respectable friends had all said the same things about him. It was, in effect, all hearsay evidence – and they’d all heard it from Larry the Liar. But the geniuses at State never twigged.

That’s how it goes with the seven or nine “separate investigations” that “prove Mann innocent”. Everyone in the Climate Bubble knows that Mann has been exonerated in multiple investigations on both sides of the Atlantic – and, because everyone knows it, no one has bothered to read the actual reports. Once again, it’s all hearsay evidence – and the person they heard it from was Michael E Mann.

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Look at the picture John puts underneath that paragraph, or at ABC’s video. These are low-level bureaucrats from a minor branch of the vast bottomless alphabet soup of federal agencies, and they’re running around pretending to be elite commandos. The county sheriff is supposed to be “the law”. But he had to broker a deal to get the BLM out of there because in America every jumped-up pen-pusher from the Bureau of Compliance has his own branch of “the law”, a personal SWAT team to act as judge, jury, executioner and, if necessary, as in Nevada, as army of occupation. In most parts of the developed world, there is “the police”, and that’s it. If a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Paperwork wants to have you seized, he has to persuade a judge to issue a warrant and then let the local coppers handle it as they see fit. There is an obvious conflict of interest when every tinpot regulatory agency has its own enforcement arm, and it imputes to even legitimate cases the whiff of something malodorous and, indeed, despotic.

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Whoa, hold that thought! “Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management”. As I wrote only last week, if someone wants to stroll in to Fort Hood and shoot as many people as he’s minded to, the fellows on the receiving end have to call 911 and wait for the county sheriff to send a couple of deputies – because “the only government department without a military force at its disposal is the military“. But the Bureau of Land Management has snipers.


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But Lawrence couldn’t even do that. Ayaan Hirsi Ali campaigns against female genital mutilation – that’s to say, the barbarous practice by which Muslim men deny women sexual pleasure by having their clitorises cut off. Lawrence and the other fellows who run Brandeis are in no danger of any equivalent procedure since it seems clear they’ve nothing down there to chop off anyway. The eunuchs of the American academy are the beneficiaries of western liberty, of the spirit of openness and inquiry that is the principal difference between us and the intellectually stagnant Muslim world. But they will not lift a finger to defend that tradition.


Paul: “Not a single needy Ukrainian will see a penny of this money, as it will be used to bail out international banks who hold Ukrainian government debt.” – Cash for the Ukrainian Junta – LewRockwell.com

Not a single needy Ukrainian will see a penny of this money, as it will be used to bail out international banks who hold Ukrainian government debt.

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