Bullshit Meter Pegged : Children not defined; false claim about “original function” of e-cigarettes; products liability law disregarded; and more squashing of freedom by fake liberty-lovers. Who’s he letting into the White House? More progressive nannies. 1 Demerit for Pres. DJ Trump — 1600 Daily

To protect our children and ensure that e-cigarettes return to their original function—helping adults gradually overcome nicotine addiction from tobacco products—President Trump has authorized the Food

Nudism a rebellion against Communists? Or promotion by Communists to destroy social cohesion and strength? They aired it on TV after all. NYT so dumb — A Once-in-a-Lifetime Reporting Dilemma: Should I Take My Clothes Off?

A Times reporter shares the naked truth about the tricky logistics of reporting out a story about German nudists. Source: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Reporting Dilemma: Should

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