JustOneMinute: I Screamed It Couldn’t Be Done

“Great pieces, Clarice. I have to say that Clement’s reply here:

JUSTICE KAGAN: Wow. Wow. I’m offering you $10 million a year to come work for me, and you are saying that this is anything but a great choice?

MR. CLEMENT: Sure, if I told you, actually, it came from my own bank account. And that’s what’s really going on here, in part.

was brilliant. It totally exposes the shallowness of the left’s thinking on “free stuff” coming from the government. And if he thought of that on the spur of the moment, I’m even more impressed. It’s remarkable how few people think about where the money is actually coming from.”

via JustOneMinute: I Screamed It Couldn’t Be Done.

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