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Regardless of what you might think about government subsidized home health care workers, through some very sneaky legislative maneuvering, these clueless workers have been unionized without their consent, and on top of that, over $30 million in so-called “union dues” have been automatically deducted from their paychecks and funneled directly into SEIU.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) “organized” Michigan’s self-employed home health aides for the purpose of skimming dues from their ailing and disabled clients’ Medicaid subsidy checks. The first counter tallies SEIU dues skimmed since the union and state officials first launched this scheme in late 2006. The second shows the amount skimmed since June 9, 2011, when the Michigan House passed and sent to the Senate a bill to ban this and all similar “stealth unionization” efforts. The third counter shows the dues skimmed since the Governor signed the bill into law on April 10, 2012. The fourth counter shows the amount skimmed since May 25, 2012, when a judge order the funds to be placed in an escrow account.

Shockingly, they even have Republican help:

For more information, visit:

“GOP Senator Tries to Save SEIU Healthcare ‘Employer’”

No wonder they have money to hire paid anti-Romney hecklers.

What galls me is that they have my money. So, disgusted though I am by politics, this goes too far — way beyond disgust.

It’s an outrage. Forcing people into unions they never joined, then siphoning off “dues” to which they never consented and giving it to a government union to conduct partisan political activity like heckling candidates is a mind-boggling feat of Orwellian proportions.

I’d say “not with my money you don’t!” except they already have it.

via Classical Values » Who pays these hecklers? (Sorry I asked….).

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