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Not sure folks suspecting a manipulative purpose of Fast and Furious think that the objective was to increase the staggering level of chaos and violence in Mexico – which is similar to the Prohibition Era chaos and violence in the USA and we might look to other policies and laws as the cause for that.  Kaus doesn’t make any major discovery here, but he does demonstrate that the usual ad hominem arguments from the Dem. Party may not work here.

After all, many in the current administration have been making speeches for years about the % of guns from the US in Mexico while at the same time arguing for more gun acquisition and ownership restrictions – and have been doing so even while Issa has been seeking government records from the AG’s office about the changes in the publc story-telling.  That the administration would be manipulating facts and creating conditions through “operations” designed to boost those percentages would be despicable.

Because the Dem. Party spokespeople often accuse others of such nefarious activities – and are usually projecting – that the Dem. Party when in power would do this is is not surprising.  One other issue is that giving violent drug mafia arms tends to increase their capacity for violence, though these guys could get their arms in a variety of places other than the US.  That is not a reason for the US to arrange for them to get thousands of them from the US.  The administration does have blood on its hands.

Know Your Fast & Furious Paranoia | The Daily Caller.

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