The Associated Press: AP source: Talks fail to resolve contempt issue

This canard included:  “Gun-walking long has been barred by Justice Department policy, but federal agents in Arizona experimented with it in at least two investigations during the George W. Bush administration before Fast and Furious.”

It omits the key qualifier that the Bush administration and the Mexican Government “experimented” with gunwalking in “Wide Receiver” – where the Mexican Government was actually informed and actually might be able to track guns in Mexico.  The paragraph is perhaps to recycle the off-repeated claim of Justice which, under scrutiny and fits of honesty, is usually subsequently withdrawn.  The Mexican Government was not informed of Fast and Furious, and is, itself, furious.  The “botched” operation continued long after it was clear there was no tracking going on – making the inference that no tracking was by design, as all the while Dems made speeches about guns going to Mexico from the US while arguing for restrictions.  That the current administration has withdrawn this false comparison but the media (and Media Matters) continue to make it casts doubt on the veracity of the media.  Media Matters is kid stuff.

via The Associated Press: AP source: Talks fail to resolve contempt issue.

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