PJ Media » Unforced Errors Are Sinking Obama

None of this prevented Obama from winning the presidency four years ago, for four reasons. First, his opponent was so determined to play nice that he squandered repeated opportunities to pounce. Second, a determined lapdog press covered up, downplayed, and excused the candidate’s every move. Third, much of the country was completely convinced that the recession was entirely the fault of George W. Bush and Republicans. (I have previously demonstrated that the recession really owed its severity if not its very existence to Democratic Party-driven housing policies, hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities fraud at “government-sponsored enterprises” run by Democrat cronies, and relentless 2008 campaign threats by Democrats from Obama on down of severe tax increases and environmental tyranny upon their triumph.) Finally, the Obama campaign ran a deliberately non-specific, false biography-inspired campaign of hope, change, and hero worship while conducting an under-the-radar and arguably criminal campaign contributions enterprise which brought in untold millions in untraceable money, much of it likely from foreign sources.

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