FBI report on Fort Hood calls for no firings—Editorial – NYPOST.com

This obviously means that the FBI and Federal Government should have more power. Government is the only institution that, after its disastrous failures, claims that it must have greater authority and a greater role directing us and gatekeeping.  But the shocker is the large numbers of people that accept such claims, even when they are not the government’s beneficiaries or part of its apparatus.

After a more-than-two-year review, a report released last week accuses the FBI of having dropped the ball when it investigated the Fort Hood jihadist before the 2009 massacre.

So — how many people will be fired?

Exactly . . . none.

That’s right: The agency might have been able to prevent the killing of 13 people by a home-grown Islamic fundamentalist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan — but failed to do so.

And yet, not a single FBI official will lose his or her job.

via FBI report on Fort Hood calls for no firings—Editorial – NYPOST.com.

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