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When I was a Yale Law student, this type of snideness occurred in the classrooms, although, as I remember it, it was more the expression of students who behaved badly and the misdeeds of the professors were their failure to make clear that such statements were inappropriate.  There were no conservatives or libertarians on the faculty in those days.  I remember the breaths of fresh air that were Richard Epstein’s visits to the law school, especially in my first two years.  Since I knew so little law and virtually everyone on the faculty seemed liberal, it was easy to believe that no one smart could believe the things I did.  But here was a strong libertarian who was obviously as smart as the Yale Law professors were.

I hope that Blight will correct this aspect of his course.  In other respects, the course is first rate.  But it could be blemish free.

via Political Prejudice at Yale | Online Library of Law and Liberty.

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