“You didn’t build that”: A footnote | Power Line

And yet, and yet. To borrow from Lincoln, “we have not yet reached the whole.” Not that anything said so far has erred, either in the significance or purport of Obama’s remarks, but we have not yet done them full justice.

Obama’s remarks support his demand for higher income taxes. Making his case, Obama seeks to undermine the claim of right with which individuals hold their property, their income, their wealth. Under Obama’s doctrine, all arise from the collective support of the government. They are not the fruit of the individual’s labor.

Under Obama’s doctrine, there is no just limit on the power of the government to take the individual’s property. The property isn’t that man’s alone; he alone did not earn it. What the government does not take from the individual by taxes or regulation remains his conditionally, on the sufferance of the state.

via “You didn’t build that”: A footnote | Power Line.

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