Colorado shooting — because of the raaaaacism! [Darleen Click] | protein wisdom

Seemingly ignorant about a certain Army Major:

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: You know, what strikes me here of course [Ed.: of course!], is that when you hear the epithets being hurled on either side about politicization of this issue, we know at the end of the day if that kind of amassing and stockpiling of that kind of, you know, potential to hurt people through that, you know, those bullets and those guns and the gasses and the bombs and the like, if this had been stockpiled by a person who was more likely to look reasonably offensive: a Muslim or another minority, do you think that the red flag would have gone up sooner than with this seemingly innocent young white man, who under cover and protection of appearing normal, was out to do some heinous deeds.

And these are the folks who claim to be rooted in reality, good sense and civility.  What slander.  Are these knaves or fools?

via Colorado shooting — because of the raaaaacism! [Darleen Click] | protein wisdom.

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