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Residential customers bear the costs of high electricity prices, not industry, always the friend of the politician.  It’s a rigged game, but expect to see industry move toward lower electricity prices, an area in which states (including including foreign states) must compete.

See a breakdown by state by sub-sectors – residential, commercial and industrial at: http://www.electricchoice.com/electricity-prices-by-state.php

Update September 8, 2012:  Agreed the information is a bit dated – there is always some lag in data like these.  The link does a good job of showing major differences in prices by state and end user contra the usual headline rates reported by major media.  For example industry seems to be on board with expensive renewables due to the subsidies and margins and Harry Reid where is too when friends are sellers but residential customers bear most of the cost in their prices while industry is “wooed” by politicians through this and other cost shifting.

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  1. The link is to data from 2010, which is 2 years out of date. For a real comparison we want to see the 2012 prices by state, NOT the price per KW/hr from 2 years back. At least here and probably elsewhere the rates have gone up within the last 2 years…

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