On the front lines of a global struggle

Petrou’s hair-raising account of his assignment on the Chad-Sudan frontier should go some distance in helping to make plain the savageries of mass murder, rape, torture, terror and ethnic cleansing that usually calls itself “jihad.”

The way the barbarism engulfed Darfur and the surrounding deserts involved janjaweed “Arabs” with rocket-propelled grenades and government-supplied assault rifles versus black Africans armed with spears and poison-tipped arrows. It was a calamity that differed little in scale from the catastrophe the Taliban visited upon the Hazara people a decade earlier or the Al-Anfal cleansing by bomb and poison gas to which Saddam Hussein subjected the Kurdish people of Iraq a decade before that. In Iran, where a decade before the Al-Anfal the Khomeinists slaughtered an entire generation of socialists, liberals and democrats, the barbarism works these days in ways more subtle and sophisticated, but no less savage.

via On the front lines of a global struggle.

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