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“But we did that! And the country clubbers snuck in and stole the party!”

Yes. Of course. Who ever thought that one need not guard Fort Knox after defeating an attack on it. We have always known that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It’s worse now, because capture of government is so much more important than it once was. There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. That has not been true for a long time — not during most of your lifetimes, and for much of mine — and it will probably never be true again.

The nation needs a strong two party system. At the moment those who really don’t believe in freedom are in ascendancy. We face Depression. This is hardly the time to give up; nor is it the time to say, well, we will never take control of the Republican Party and keep it. The country club elites who feel entitled will always be there, ready —

Exactly. They will always be there, ready to compromise any principle to keep power.

via View 544 November 10 – 16, 2008.

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