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Farage also added:  “The feedback I get from across Europe, and I’m talking Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, etc., the feedback is astonishing.  I did a speech about Spain a few months ago, pointing out just the hopelessness of their position inside the eurozone and why they should leave.

That (speech) was translated into Spanish, and do you know one million people saw that on youtube within two weeks in Spain alone?  So there is a huge hunger, there is a huge appetite for people out there.  For people who are looking for alternatives, who are looking for boldness, and who are looking for courage.  And sadly, they are not getting it from their own political class.”

Farage also spoke about his biggest fear:  “I think the biggest worry is that we get some kind of total breakdown of confidence in society.  Of trust, in not just the government, but the police force and the army and everything else.  I genuinely fear that we are going to see very large scale confrontation in Southern Europe with an awful lot of people getting hurt or killed.  That’s my biggest fear.”

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