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Postscript:  I had meant to touch on one other topic and just forgot:  Urban Heat Islands.  Cities trap heat and are hotter than the surrounding countryside, or the rural areas that existed when temperature records first started being kept.  My son and I actually did an experiment to measure the Phoenix urban heat island, and found a nearly 10 degree F difference from the center of the city to the countryside around us.  Even without climate change, we should expect temperatures at cities and airports to rise over time and hit new highs solely from the increasing urban heat phenomenon as the cities grow.

My interest in urban heat islands began when I went to visit the single thermometer in the entire US government network that supposedly showed the most warming over the last 100 years.  That thermometer turned out to be sitting in the middle of an urban parking lot, whereas it was in an open field a century ago.

via Summer of the Shark, Global Warming Edition – Forbes.

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