Antivirus biz’s founder unmasked as noted Chinese hacker • The Register

Don’t trust content from the Chinese yet.

Antivirus startup Anvisoft was founded by an infamous Chinese hacker who allegedly cut his teeth exploiting Microsoft Office security holes to hack US defence contractors, it has emerged.

Investigative journalist Brian Krebs uncovered evidence – largely based on historic domain records for Anvisoft and reports compiled by VeriSign on Chinese hacking activities – to allege that black-hat Tan Dailin established the antivirus startup.

In response to inquiries from The Reg, Anvisoft confirmed via a message from its official Facebook account that the report is accurate. “Yes, it is true,” it simply stated.

See alsoChina Medical Technologies (before ADRs were delisted, CMED), whose founder stole working operating assets from the company, transferred them to another, and the authorities did nothing, not mention all of the many, many reverse merger scams.

via Antivirus biz’s founder unmasked as noted Chinese hacker • The Register.

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