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Hurrah for M. Depardeiu. He claims to have paid 190 million Euros in tax to France already. No disclosures of which I am aware of taxes to other jurisdictions but I trust others have made claims based on his earnings when he was within their borders and he has paid them as well. He has pulled well and above his burden in filling supplying that treasury. To paraphrase Mr. Obama, “At some point, you’ve paid enough taxes.”

Hurrah for Mr. Putin for keeping alive the concept of tax competition. It is, after all, a fundamental human right for one to be able to relocate oneself to escape oppression – to “vote with one’s feet” as it were. It is regrettable the politicians and other “thought leaders” of France engages in this class warfare still and also that the US has now instituted the odious exit taxes on citizens who wish to disembark for lower burden climes. The exit taxes are reminiscent of East Germany and the Soviet States. We are not subjects of the federal government but citizens of the several states. Citizens should be free to decamp without confiscation of their property.

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