Articles: The Democracy Initiative: a Coup in Plain Sight

Here are those he did name:

“the AFL-CIO, the Center for American Progress, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Color of Change, Common Cause, Demos, the Friends of the Earth, the League of Conservation Voters, Mother Jones in a “non-editorial” capacity!, National Peoples Action, the National Wildlife Federation, People for the American Way, the Piper Fund, Public Campaign, the Service Employees International Union, the United Auto Workers, and Voto Latino. Brune of the Sierra Club predicts there will be 50 participating organizations by spring.”

2. How much money will they throw into their effort?

Continetti thinks there should be “at least two high numerals inserted before Krolls estimate of “millions of dollars”. This from people claiming they want to get money out of politics.

via Articles: The Democracy Initiative: a Coup in Plain Sight.

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