France Responds To American Tire CEO – Business Insider

A “Minister of Industry” actually and part of what’s wrong with France today.  It is tiresome to continue to hear these politicians, who’ve seldom done anything themselves wrap themselves up in the brilliance of persons and societies past.

Why not mention Louis Pasteur, who did more for humankind than probably any other Frenchman – unless it is your view that extending human lifetimes and quality of existence is evil and makes a cancer on the planet, in which case, M. Pasteur was an evil genius.  Why not the sacrifices French people made, due to actions of their government, in harassing Britain and helping to set conditions for the creation of the American Republic?

Of course, it is just a tire business that opted to head for perceived better climes so this type of reaction of a state actor directed to a private citizen in connection with his private business is what’s outrageous.  France is living on fumes of former greatness while hollowing out the qualities of its society that created it.  It didn’t help that Robespierre and his friends went on a killing spree of high-performers, free-thinkers and innovators either, one might suppose.

France Responds To American Tire CEO – Business Insider.

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