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American journalist self-declares libertarian foundation?  Taranto notes some deficiencies.  Others include prevailing journo views / propaganda / relentless agitation in favor of:  the nanny-state, licensing laws, government regulation where private regulation would do, wage laws, employment laws, burdensome government spending, burdensome taxation, mercantile protectionism, central economic planning and intervention by the government and its banking cartel, subsidies, fuel intervention, energy production intervention, banning natural resource exploration and development, anti-human scare-mongering, price controls, governmental foreign aid, promotion of debt in aid of consumption spending instead of capital creation, monetary debasement (see also non-disclosure about effects of inflation and the nonsensical view of historical comparisons only in nominal currency terms (such as box-office receipts reports)), and so many more.


That “libertarian” is quite a dodge. Most journalists are anything but libertarian in areas where that would mean siding against the left, such as guns, education, taxes, nonsexual health care and nonmedia corporate free speech. And as blogress Mollie Hemingway notes, Pexton’s disparagement of those who disagree with him as “religionists,” which means zealots, is invidious. Was Martin Luther King a religionist?

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