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L: Taxation is theft – just try not paying the “voluntary” income tax to the IRS – okay, but they also borrow and print money.

Doug: That’s just indirect theft. Borrowing money forces future tax slaves to hand over money against their wishes, and printing it steals wealth from everyone by making the money in their pockets worth less and less with every new dollar, euro, yen, or whatever printed.

But it’s not just the act of stealing that is so harmful, but the things the government spends it on. They are almost always directly against the best interests of those from whom the money was taken.

We need to starve the beast; so all these marginal, so-called budget cuts the politicians are wailing about are just smoke and mirrors – not a real, meaningful scaling back of the government. It’s too late for half measures. I’d cut the budgets of the federal, state, and local governments by 98%. For starters.

via Doug Casey: If I Were President – Casey Research.

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