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“Bush Ruined War for Eugene Robinson

“The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson has a contrarian column about George W. Bush–which, strange though it may seem, means that he’s highly critical of the 43rd president. We especially enjoyed this bit:

‘And it’s clear that the Bush administration did not foresee how the Iraq experience would constrain future presidents in their use of military force. Syria is a good example. Like Saddam, Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless dictator who does not hesitate to massacre his own people. But unlike Saddam, Assad does have weapons of mass destruction. And unlike Saddam, Assad has alliances with the terrorist group Hezbollah and the nuclear-mad mullahs in Iran.

I do not advocate U.S. intervention in Syria, because I fear we might make things worse rather than better. But I wonder how I might feel–and what options Obama might have–if we had not squandered so much blood and treasure in Iraq.’

So he resents Bush for going to war in Iraq because it deprived him of the opportunity to beat the drums for war in Syria?

Best of the Web Today: Power Constrains –

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