The Grounding of Big Government

Time to abolish the income tax.  It came from a concoction of religionists and progressives in any event.  Also, abolish and outlaw government employee unions.  Even FDR recognized how corrupt and abusive they would be.

The end game is way, way bigger than that stuff. What we are witnessing is a collapse of trust in big government, which ultimately–to our benefit as small-government types–leads to a permanent undermining of the whole system.

Until now, this administration produced loads of soaring rhetoric that made many forgive its lack of substance. But now, to everyone who pays taxes, the wolf is suddenly at the doorstep, and it’s looking for food. This new era, for some, sounded great in the abstract–but with the IRS scandal, were starting to see our first home front casualties. The IRS just gave small-government America–which is most of America–a wake-up call like no other.

via The Grounding of Big Government.

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