PJ Media » The Asymmetric Outrage of Big Government Scandals

“Imagine that George W. Bush had given speeches describing the illegitimacy of “progressive” organizations like MoveOn.org, had called them a “threat to democracy,” or had refused to denounce his vice president’s characterization of them as “terrorists.”

Imagine that he had used crude and sexually derogatory terms to describe them. Or had implied that they criticized and hated him because they hated white people.

Further, suppose that the press not only wasn’t outraged, but instead agreed with him and even elaborated on his calumny, denouncing the racist and un-American terrorists at Soros-funded groups.

In this alternate universe, a press corps that went into “journalism” to “make a difference” has somehow miraculously transformed itself into cheerleaders for conservatism.”

via PJ Media » The Asymmetric Outrage of Big Government Scandals.

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