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“Notwithstanding” means “in spite of” or “despite.”  It plainly does not mean “together with” or “including.”  A reprise: government administration on par with any South American or Central African tinpot republic.  But that’s not all: One might see more serious lawyering in the South American or Central African tinpot republic.  Nicely done.  Now, we just need a party-appointed judge and subsequent majority panel of party-appointed judges to agree with this and the degradation of the US republic will be made complete.  Also, titles of nobility have come to the United States.  Bewildering.

At President Obama’s personal request, the Office of Personnel Management decreed that the Members don’t have to get off the gravy train after all. The eat-your-own-cooking provision begins with the phrase “Notwithstanding any other provision of law.” The feds now interpret that clause as a loophole to mean that the Affordable Care Act did not change the 1959 law that created the FEHBP.

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