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As you can see for yourself if you follow the link at the top of this article, the steaming stream of tweets drone on and on in the same self-righteous finger-wagging tone for page after page.

In addition to causing gas, the tweets shout from the rooftops that these people remain true believers in the notion that government must guide us mere mortals toward the promised land of a better, cleaner, fairer and more organized existence.

And if we fail to fall in line, we must be ordered, mandated, legislated, bribed or strong-armed into accepting the ivory-tower solutions our great leaders proffer from on high.

Missing from the calculations of the perfect-worlders is that we humans are a messy lot and studiously resist all attempts at falling in line. The minute some incentive is spotted across the room, people will make a dash for it, regardless of whether it is politically sanctioned. Furthermore, while you can certainly fool large segments of the population most of the time, the access to hard data offered by the Internet makes it a fool’s game to try to build policy on a shaky scientific foundation.

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