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The Times article quotes Gary Balter, an analyst with Credit Suisse. The Times doesn\’t mention that Mr. Balter has been predicting that Sears Holdings stock will plunge. Instead the stock is up 50 percent year to date. What credibility does Mr. Balter have on the matter? Is Credit Suisse or its clients short Sears Holdings? The Times doesn\’t say. The other people quoted in the story — Mary Ross Gilbert of Imperial Capital and Brian Sozzi of Belus Capital Advisors — are pretty small fish in a money management world in which some other, much larger fish, not mentioned in the article, like Bruce Berkowitz\’s Fairholme Fund, are reportedly betting on Sears Holdings. That doesn\’t necessarily mean the smaller fish are wrong — small fish sometimes get it right and become bigger fish — but the Times doesn\’t give readers much help in evaluating the credibility of these sources. Do they have financial bets for or against Sears Holdings? How large are the bets? How much money do they manage?

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