Davos Without the Hookers (Part II) | Bonner & Partners

How could we keep people listening for long enough to blow away the confusion? We could think of only one thing that might hold their attention:

“Look, let’s start at the beginning. There are only two ways to get what you want in this life. You take it by force and violence. Or you get it peacefully… by making, trading, and cooperating with others.

“That’s true of material wealth. It’s true of stuff. It’s true of power and status. And it’s as true of sex as it is of everything else. You can get it by negotiation… or you can get it by brute force.

“So, let’s try to agree on the basics. Wouldn’t you all agree that we’re better off generally if stick with consensual, peaceful, cooperative ways to get what we want in life?

The audience was quiet.

“Okay… well, you’re all hopeless. Girls, don’t let a stranger walk you home in this town!

via Davos Without the Hookers (Part II) | Bonner & Partners.

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