Francis on wealth and poverty « Chaos Manor – Jerry Pournelle

> Capitalism generates wealth, and inevitably aggravates the discrepancies between rich and poor. This is obvious to everyone. What is easy to overlook, or dismiss as trickle-down, is the absolute rise in wealth of the poor. When I was born no one had a right to sulfa drugs or penicillin; now these are an entitlement of nearly everyone in what we call the First World, and thanks to Bill Gates and those like him are becoming available to those in what we are pleased to call the developing counties; indeed the only reason we have for using the term developing countries is that the wealthy nations have generated so much wealth – generally through the engines of capitalism – have exported technology to them. Meanwhile, in the United States, the poorest in the land have access to wonders that did not exist when I was young, and few starve.

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