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The editorial makes it sound as though Mr. Cuomo will be \”ponying up money\” out of his own pocket, rather than by taxing New Yorkers who already live in one of the highest-tax states in the nation (first or third, depending on how you count). Some of those New Yorkers have made different choices than Dasani\’s parents. They may have chosen to have fewer children than eight, or to avoid using illegal drugs, or to move out of New York City to areas where housing costs are lower, such as upstate. The editorial doesn\’t make the case for the justice of taxing a hardworking, law-abiding New York family of four who moves out of the city to afford an unsubsidized rent so that Dasani\’s non-working, drug-addicted parents can remain in New York City in an apartment that can accommodate their family of eight.

via Battling Homelessness in NYC :: Smartertimes.com.

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