Notes on a Scandal: ET on Climate Wars

For it is a matter of supreme irony is it not that NASA are engaged in fraudulent manipulation of global temperature data and are wilfully ignoring their own satellite instrumentation data, in a bid to ‘prove’ that the world is getting hotter, year on year? The irony being that the likes of Nuccitelli, Cook and Lewandowsky have long labelled man-made global warming sceptics as Moon-landing conspiracy nuts, when it cannot fail to escape anyone’s notice that the very organisation responsible for putting Man on the surface of the Moon 44 years agowas NASA. Not to suggest in any way that sceptics are of the same breed as Moon-landing conspiracists, just illustrative I think of the corrupt politicisation of a once noble and prestigious scientific organisation whose original purpose was the exploration of worlds beyond our own, which now seems to gaze increasingly sclerotically earthward, obsessed with finding ‘scientific proof’ that we are wreckers of the planet, a species actively engaged, unwittingly at first, now knowingly and culpably, in unleashing climate catastrophe aka global warming, aka thermageddon upon the globe. NASA’s mission now is to save the planet from ourselves. Ergo, space agency has become environmental activist group with an agenda to promote at the expense of hard science.

Notes on a Scandal: ET on Climate Wars.

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