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That’s very Canadian: Can’t we all just get along? And, because it’s so Canadian, for years many people turned a blind eye to who Mohammed Elmasry really was and to the abuses of the “human rights” enforcers. The great strength of Common Law, and the reason it has enabled more people to live in liberty than any other legal system in history, is that the “minority group” it prioritizes is the individual, equal before the law. Canada’s “human rights” regime perverts that and accords you more or fewer rights according to which identity-group boxes you check, creating a system in which plaintiff and defendant are unequal before the law. Christie knows this very well from her splendid coverage of the Caledonia fiasco, and her own reception at Elmasry’s University of Waterloo. It’s not “kind” to compromise with such a system; all it does is make you an accomplice of injustice – and, indeed, evil.

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