Where’s Officer Friendly gone? — Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County :: SteynOnline

~On the other hand, at least the Hartes and their kids are still alive. I’ve written often about the increasing tendency of American cops to police the citizenry to death – the five-to-seven officers required to kill a 95-year old veteran for refusing to take his medication; the multiple law-enforcement agencies needed to off a confused woman with a baby on board who drove too near King Barack’s palace – and who earned the cheers of Congress for so dispatching her. In recent days, a mentally ill homeless man was shot dead for “illegally camping” in the Albuquerque foothills, and at a traffic stop in South Carolina a 70-year old veteran was shot by an officer who thought the man was reaching for a gun. It was his cane.

Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County :: SteynOnline.

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