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Michael Mann won’t “share the stage” with Judith Curry, Roger Pielke Jr, Hans von Storch, Richard Tol, Steve McIntyre, Nigel Lawson, Matt Ridley, Lennart Bengtsson or even me, because we’re all anti-science oversimpletons, and the false balance would only give us a credibility we don’t deserve. So instead he gives exclusive interviews to blokes who think Centigrade temperatures can be expressed as a percentage. Mann’s Climate Cult depends on credulous rubes and fawning groupies, and he’s running low.

UPDATE! Several readers point out that if you do convert Centigrade and/or Fahrenheit to Kelvin, Mr Gibbons has even less to worry about. My first memory of Kelvin was a query to my physics teacher: “What’s a Kelvin?” “A man called William,” he replied. Also from Ireland, as I recall. (My daughter and I passed his tomb in Westminster Abbey a couple of years ago, near Isaac Newton’s.) At any rate, in Kelvin, the units are the same size as Celsius, but everything is shifted 273-point-something lower down the scale. So that sizzling “over 25 per cent” increase in the warmth of the planet works out to one per cent and change. We really need a new Manntigrade or Mannenheit scale, where all the numbers sound big and scary, even if it’s 12 and partly cloudy with a chance of light showers in the afternoon.

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