” They are not liberal. They are authoritarian.” Liberalism Unrelinquished

Perhaps it’s quixotic, but I refuse to give up the term “liberal.”  I refuse to call the likes of, say, Paul Krugman or E.J. Dionne or Rachel Maddow or Alec Baldwin or Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama or Francois Hollande or Thomas Piketty or Pope Francis “liberal.”  They are not liberal.  They are authoritarian.  They believe that social order – or, at least, the most useful social orders – must be designed and imposed by a political authority, by centralized force.  They have, unlike the original, wise liberals, little or no understanding of and, hence, no appreciation for spontaneous order.  They are social creationists of the most naive sort.  And they blend their ignorance of spontaneous-ordering forces with an arrogant confidence in their own superiority over ordinary men and women at the task of deciding many of the details by which ordinary men, women, and children will be forced to live.

via Liberalism Unrelinquished.

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