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Under his presidency, the government saddled us all with a three-sizes-fits-all version of compulsory health care which caused more than five million persons to lose their coverage and their doctors; it has been spying on all Americans all the time and we sleepily permit it to do so; it allowed our ambassador in Libya to be murdered after it destroyed the lawful government there; it told illegal aliens they need not worry about deportation and thus encouraged the immigration of hundreds of thousands more — even unaccompanied children — to our shores; it neglected veterans to the point of death in government hospitals demonstrating conclusively that the feds cannot deliver health care; it released assets material to terrorist organizations into the theater of war in the Middle East ostensibly in a prisoner swap to save a weird military bird who once embraced his captors; it has claimed the power to kill Americans it views as a threat to others and yet too troublesome to arrest and bring to trial all the while claiming it has a secret reading of the Constitution and American law that somehow justifies this; and it has added $6 trillion to government debt with no plans to repay it.

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