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A woman goes to the funeral home where her husband’s body is to be laid out the next day, to make sure everything will be up to standards. But when she looks in the casket, her husband is wearing a black suit, not a dark blue one like she requested. She talks to the funeral director, telling him her husband’s favorite color was blue and that he had specifically asked her to see that he was buried in blue. The funeral director is profuse in his apologies for the mishap, and tells her, “In this case, unfortunately, we’ll have to postpone the viewing. You see, it will take a few days for me to get a dark blue suit in your husband’s size.” The widow doesn’t like it, but doesn’t see that she has much choice. So she agrees and goes home. She’s just getting ready, two hours later, to go over her guest list and contact everyone to tell them the viewing’s been postponed, when she gets a phone call from the funeral director. “Everything is fixed,” he says. “The viewing is back on schedule for tomorrow, and your husband will be dressed in blue for the viewing.” The widow breathes a sigh of relief and greatly thanks the mortician. The next day, at the viewing, she asks the funeral director, “You said it would take a few days. How did you solve the problem so quickly?” The funeral director says, “Well, when I went to take your husband to the basement, I noticed we had another man’s body dressed in dark blue. His family hadn’t requested any specific color, and he was about the same size as your husband. So, I switched the heads.”

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