“The central image – the al-Qaeda man at the border post – is in itself an image of complete and utter defeat.” Border Guards Then and Now :: SteynOnline

Where next? With Syrian refugees expanding the population of his country by 25 per cent, I wonder how Jordan’s King Abdullah feels about being an “ally” of Obama’s. Perhaps he nodded his head at the reported comments of the Polish Foreign Minister – that being a US ally “isn’t worth anything” and is “even harmful because it creates a false sense of security”. No matter how secure that false sense is, waking up to find yourself sharing a border crossing with ISIS is apt to shatter it.

The roots of ISIS do not lie in the actions America took in 2003. Bush made mistakes in Iraq, and left a ramshackle state that functioned less badly than any of its neighbors. Obama walked away, pulled out a cigarette, tossed the match over his shoulder and ignited a fuse that, from Damascus to Baghdad to Amman and beyond, will blow up the entire Middle East.

via Border Guards Then and Now :: SteynOnline.

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