“In a world where a $12.5 billion slush fund at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is used to fight the privatization of liquor stores, . . .” President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She?

Before the media swallow implausible claims of funding problems, perhaps they could be more skeptical of the idea that government is responsible for solving all

“If you say the government is too big, the response is Oh, you want to starve infectious-disease control for funding? but when you give them the money, they spend it on lesbian-obesity studies instead, and are woefully . . . ” Instapundit » Blog Archive » DALLAS HOSPITAL: Second Person Tests Positive For Ebola. “Officials in Dallas say the second healt…

UPDATE: Dallas nurses cite sloppy conditions in Ebola care. “A Liberian Ebola patient was left in an open area of a Dallas emergency room for