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This is one of the most repellent aspects of the Republican establishment: partisanship to no purpose. I banged the gong on Benghazi from the morning after, September 12th 2012, but certainly not for the shriveled reasons McCarthy suggests. Ambassador Stevens wasn’t my guy – he was a liberal Democrat – but even so, he didn’t deserve to die in an undefended outpost on the edge of the map, and then have Obama and Clinton lying over his coffin. The Benghazi committee is necessary to restore the integrity of government, not to raise Hillary’s unfavorables in Iowa and New Hampshire. In one remark, McCarthy declared himself as symbolizing the pointlessness of partisanship GOP-style: it exists not to achieve any conservative policy goals but to maintain him in office with a car and driver.

Source: There’s a Bear in the Sand… :: SteynOnline

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