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Any Muslim who in a smiley way gives ground to any notions of democracy or equality of religion, speech or opportunity is merely functioning as an artist of taqqiya – lying to advance Islam. Each deception for which jail time might be served by the rest of us, is in the mind of the adherent to Islam, acceptable as necessary obedience to Allah.

Pic: Girls and young women on their way to an ISIS sex slave auction.

Keep in mind that we are not dealing with cultural or philosophical equals here – we are dealing with adherents to a savage and reprehensible belief system that will only give quarter as a deception, not as any capitulation to any belief system other than that of Islam. For any woman to embrace the slavery that this pseudo-religion demands of them is a display of an unimaginable disorder of reason.

Source: Muslim Delusions of Islamic Grandeur – Instigator News

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