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When Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, a tech editor for the conservative news website Breitbart.com who used the Twitter handle @Nero, Yiannopoulos reacted with characteristic modesty. In February, the social media platform announced its Trust and Safety Committee. With Orwellian overtones, CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted, Twitter stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power, and empowering dialogue. Conservatives knew that the Twitter panel, comprised of left-leaning organizations, would target the right. In the brave new world of social media, no one talks on the record. No social media platform discloses which actions specifically led to a user’s banishment. […] when I asked Twitter why it exiled @Nero, I got a vanilla statement emailed by a spokesperson who told me nothing and did not want to be named. […] there is nothing fair about the Trust and Safety Committee, a collection of left-leaning groups weaned on the expectation that institutions will protect them from the sharp elbows of partisan brawling. When a lefty group gets his “Most Dangerous Faggot Tour” banned from campus, it’s like throwing him a steak. […] if Twitter wants to ban users for relatively tame criticism, it’s going to become a lonely site fast. If Twitter can derail someone for what his or her followers do, then why not eject Black Lives Matter leaders for inciting the rogue Baton Rouge cop killer? More conservatives will leave Twitter, and more liberals will think that everyone agrees with them because their views are reinforced on the Twitter loop.

Source: @Nero fiddles, Twitter burns – San Francisco Chronicle

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