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We are all familiar with the scene: Individual “lone wolf” attackers in France, Germany, the United States, and other countries have been bombing, shooting, knifing, and running roughshod over hundreds of people during the last few years. These attackers have all had one resounding element in common: their ties to Islamic extremism. Yet all too often, the inept political correctness of the Western world leads the media and leftist propaganda machines to make excuses and not blame those at fault. There is one thing all these terror attacks have in common. It is radical Islam. But what if those people doing the attacking were of a different religious or ethnic group? What if those who had been attacking innocent bystanders were Christian, for example? Would the headlines tell a different story? Let’s try it here just for a moment. In the wake of this tragedy, some of the individuals have been described as “not very Christian” — they lived immoral lives

Source: Islamic Reverence Syndrome | LifeZette

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