What is a Latinx he asks? — The Week That Perished – Taki’s Magazine

Someone doing a sanctioned activity at Williams College has invited “Latinx” to attend something about inventing something by “underrepresented groups.” Someone at Takimag has aksed, “What the hell is a Latinx, and why should we prefer any of them taking a gander at our esophagus compared to a completely normal and wholesome white doctor?”

A Latinx is likely a descendant of Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores. And likely over-represented in areas such as rape and stabbing. Might need to put an asterick on that.

And across this great nation of ours, where unsolicited dick pics were a rarity until the advent of smartphones, law-enforcement officials are scurrying around like righteous hamsters attempting to classify the sending of unsolicited dick pics as criminal sexual harassment.

Source: The Week That Perished – Taki’s Magazine

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