“When the glaciers were expanding, laying waste to what had previously been green meadows and farmlands, the people who lost their homes would hardly have been grief-stricken by the thought that one day that trend might be reversed.” — Früherer Premierminister von Island hat Klimakatastrophen-Tourismus satt: Gletscher waren früher kürzer als heute – Kalte Sonne

It is a spectacle we have witnessed since the country’s first settlers arrived in the ninth century […] My home country is a young country;

Claptrap? : “In addition to scrutiny from the president and his allies, Jackson’s supervision of the case has also been closely watched by those who fear the rule of law has eroded under Trump.” Stone judge under pressure over calls for new trial

The judge in Roger Stone’s case is under pressure as she considers whether to grant President Trump’s longtime associate a new trial based on allegations

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