“Can you think of anything more unscientific than basing your entire claims for rising levels of CO2 on measurements taken right beside an active volcano spewing out millions of tons of carbon dioxide? You don’t need to be a well-qualified scientist to see this is a scam built to create a massive system of taxation and control. The willfully stupid are being spoon fed by promoters of this fraud. The perpetrators are a poisonous combination of tax-hungry governments and shill academic researchers who rely upon governmental grant funding to keep their universities in business.” – The Great ‘CO2 is Rising’ Keeling Curve Fraud | PSI Intl

Above: Eruption of the Mauna Loa Volcano Unpicking the massive climate fraud is akin to peeling back layer after layer of a rotting onion. One benchmark essential to establishing the fraud is the

Source: The Great ‘CO2 is Rising’ Keeling Curve Fraud | PSI Intl

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