“As my case came to the sentencing phase, its underhanded prosecutors reportedly lied to senior DOJ officials and “browbeat” the newly-appointed US Attorney for D.C. in order to file a sentencing memorandum recommending that I receive seven to nine years incarceration as a non-violent first-time offender on charges that were picayune gotcha offenses.” – STONE: Now That I’m Ungagged, I’d Like To Say A Few Things About My Prosecution

Now that he has been ungagged, Roger Stone speaks out about his prosecution and the handling of the investigation into Russian collusion. Source: STONE: Now

“This other virus is one that sickens the soul. It’s been a raging pandemic for at least 50 years. The institutions we once relied on for societal preservation and advancement were converted into hosts for this ailment long ago, and spread its maladies amongst us all. It also was created by Communists. The disease is Postmodernism, and the current assaults on civilization being done in the name of safety has exposed the festering disorder that is the Postmodern ethos.” – This Plague Psychodrama is Peak Postmodernism. Its Retreat Will Lead to Remodern Renewal.

Surviving Beyond Our Time Inside the Beast “In the Belly” Richard Bledsoe acrylic on canvas 30″ x 40″ art A virus is ravaging the world.

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