“This other virus is one that sickens the soul. It’s been a raging pandemic for at least 50 years. The institutions we once relied on for societal preservation and advancement were converted into hosts for this ailment long ago, and spread its maladies amongst us all. It also was created by Communists. The disease is Postmodernism, and the current assaults on civilization being done in the name of safety has exposed the festering disorder that is the Postmodern ethos.” – This Plague Psychodrama is Peak Postmodernism. Its Retreat Will Lead to Remodern Renewal.

Surviving Beyond Our Time Inside the Beast “In the Belly” Richard Bledsoe acrylic on canvas 30″ x 40″ art A virus is ravaging the world.

Shams finances plaintiffs? Neat. – “There will be a slew of litigation that will derive from this experience,” Parabellum CEO Howard Shams said in an interview. “There will be significant claims, many of them meritorious, that will be litigated in the future and which would be entirely appropriate for litigation finance support.” – Parabellum Capital Raises $450 Million as Virus Lawsuits Loom

Litigation finance firm Parabellum Capital has raised a new fund with commitments exceeding $450 million ahead of a potential torrent of coronavirus-related lawsuits, new proof

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