Some Beefs

1 Taxation of persons living outside the country.

2 PFIC rules which all but block investment in offshore funds – anti-liberty

3 Tax rules requiring mark-to-market  cap gains tax on offshore investments = Anti-liberty

4 Stupid reporting rules for accounts and stupid FATCA = huge burden on small, small leakage on revenue side while little is done to address huge known fraud on the transfer payment recipient side on the claimant and government dole side.

5 $3000 limit on p.a. on cap gains losses?  = frickin ridiculous

6 Exit taxes on folks with means obtaining new citizenship – reminiscent of East Germany.  Puts fellow countrymen in a poor light.

7 Capital gains and dividends taxes not taking any account of inflation – Theft.

8 Financial repression as approved policy by government and mass establishment media ZIRP, QE1-n, TWIST, FED Balance Sheet expansion, Deficit Spending – Anti-soundness; Theft.

9 Estate Tax – Theft.

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